Windows – Task Scheduler Fails With Error Code 2147943785

This is usually due to a permissions issue.

It’s due to the user that is running the scheduled task not having the Log On As Batch Job assignment.

To fix it, have your Network Administrator go to Start Menu > Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy > Local Policies > User Rights Assignment > Log On As Batch Job as seen below:


If you are on a domain controller you need to do this on the GROUP POLICY


Don’t forget to update the policy using GPUPDATE /Force


But if this still does not work Sad smile


Make sure you use the SYSTEM Account to schedule the job.


Enjoy !


8 Responses to Windows – Task Scheduler Fails With Error Code 2147943785

  1. Slipmp says:

    It worked, Thank you!

  2. Seiji says:


  3. Kamiz says:

    Using the the System account has working for me, for most tasks.
    So i have been using:
    System, for local tasks no needing loged users.
    Administrator, for tasks than need some procesing (comands, powershells) and then send logs to a shared locations.

    When my task needs to send some log file to another machine, system will not work, will it?

    Is there some risky issue when giving this policy for batch job (to Admin users) ?

    • Hi Kamiz,
      Depending on when you use a local or Domain Policy setting.
      In case you are working in a domain the policy will be applied for the Administrator account in the complete domain.

      The risk is that domain admin users will set up jobs that run tasks, that you are not aware of what is happening on all of the servers in your domain.

      I would recommend to use a separate account to hand out to other admin users to schedule jobs.
      And of course keep track of all the jobs that have been created on all servers.


  4. Joe says:

    thanks, heaps this one saves me a lot of time…:)

  5. […] Run your task from “System” user account, so that you do not have to be logged on with your account to run the […]

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