MS SQL–Using SentryOne Plan Explorer

January 27, 2019

SentryOne Plan Explorer :

It is Free see here


You can download here

Simplify Your SQL Server Query Tuning
Plan Explorer helps you quickly find and fix query problems …


You can do index Analysis as well


Windows – Stop a Windows Service when this option is GRAYED OUT

January 4, 2019

Sometimes you might encounter that all options of a Windows Service are greyed out ?


Solution :

In this case it is the Windows Module Installer

Open the properties of this service.

Copy the Service Name “TrustedInstaller


Run this command

sc queryex TrustedInstaller

Look for the PID and run this command

taskkill /F /PID 5984


Now you can start the service again. Smile

Success !

PowerShell–Azure ‘Az’ Module

January 1, 2019

A few weeks ago there was a new Module released for Azure called, Azure PowerShell ‘Az’ Module version 1.0

Az runs on Windows PowerShell 5.1 and PowerShell Core (cross-platform)

It can be used side-by-side the existing AzureRM Module.

But new features will only be released in the Az module.

To install the new module run this command using Admin priviliges.

Install -Module -Name Az


To see if the installation was successful run this command

Get-Module -ListAvailable "Az*"


To list all the commands run this command

Get-Command -Name *Az*


The connection method has been changed compared to what you are used to.

The Get-Credential cmdlet is replaced with Connect-AzAccount

Once executed you will see this reply


Go to the URL and fill in the code you got using this command



For more info see here

How to migrate scripts from AzureRM to Az see here

Enjoy !!