Backup failed with following error code ‘2155347997’

June 9, 2015

I have a System State backup failing for days on a Windows 2K8r2 server, giving an Event ID 517 error Sad smile


Quite a cryptic error code ‘2155347997’ 

After looking around on the interweb I found a lot of hotfixes and workarounds to get it solved. But I was convinced that none of those was really the root cause.

I had a gut feeling that lack of disk space would be a more reasonable cause of the failing backup.

I decided to start a manual backup using WBAdmin

But it did end into the same error ?

Next I decided to save the backup to a different server logical disk using this command :



And voila all went well Smile

MS SQL Compressed Back Tool

February 17, 2013

Making MS SQL backups is quite easy using the build-in features.

But it is more efficient using the Compressed Backup Tool which you can download here

The syntax us as follows :

msbp.exe backup "db(database=YourDB)" 
"local (path=D:\Temp\" 

The benefits are highly compressed backups compared to the native MS SQL backups.


Just give it a try