Windows Server 2016 – Hyper-V CheckPoints Disk Space

December 4, 2018

Once you create VM checkpoints in Hyper-V it might start consuming a lot a disk space afterwards.


Because it will write data to the AVHDX files.

You can use PowerShell to investigate the current disk size.

Get-VM YourVM | Select-Object VMId | Get-VHD | Select-Object –Property path,computername,vhdtype,
@{label=’Size(GB)’;expression={$_.filesize/1gb –as [int]}}


As you can see the VHD Type is saying DIFFERENCING.

That is because you have a checkpoint pending. And this is NOT recommended in a production environment.

There are some tricky scenario’s where deleting checkpoints can corrupt your VM.

See here for more info

Enjoy !

Windows Server 2016 – Application Errors after a P2V conversion Event ID 1000 Error

October 30, 2018

After converting a Physical server to a VM, I got a lot of Application Errors 1000.

Looking at the details it was relating to, amongst others, HP related drivers and software

Example : This error shows it is trying to reach a Tape device which is not present in a VM…



First uninstall all hardware drivers that are not needed in the new VM.

1. Open CMD with admin privileges and run this command

set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1

2. Next run this command




3. Make backup of your VM

Before going to next step MAKE SURE you have a good backup of the current SYSTEM STATE

4. Expanded list

Look at all the GREYED out devices and UNINSTALL these Software and Drives


5. Uninstall COM Objects

From the Event Viewer Error I could see we where dealing with a COM related DLL

Use WBEMTest.exe to investigate if the COM Object is still in use.


In my case I was sure it would not be needed since the HW was not available anymore

Look for the COM DLL : HPWMITape.dll


Run the uninstall command :

regsvr32 /u HPWMITape.dll

Enjoy !

Windows Server – Hyper-V migration VM’s

June 25, 2018

Working with Hyper-V and migrating VM’s between VM Hosts can give some surprises now and than.

The IP address you have entered for this network adapter is already assigned to another adapter Microsoft Virtual Machine Bus Network Adapter #2. Microsoft Virtual Machine Bus Network Adapter #2 is hidden from the Network and Dial-up Connections Folder because it is not physically in the computer or is a legacy adapter that is not working If the same address is assigned to both adapters and they both become active, only one of them will use this address. This may result in incorrect system configuration.

Recently I had to migrate a VM running on old Windows OS to a new Hyper-V host.

You would expect to just copy the VM disk for one host to the other. And start it up.

Indeed so far so good. But when the VM had a FIXED IP Address before. You will now see that new copy of the VM has assigned a DHCP IP address ?

The reason is that the the Network Adapter has changed when copying over the VM from one host to the other.

When you try to put back in the same fixed IP ADDRESS you will see this message appear.


Whatever you try it will not accept the same IP Address as before Sad smile

Which can be problematic for certain applications running on the VM.


  1. Start a CMD prompt as an admin
  2. Type: set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1 and press ENTER
  3. Type DEVMGMT.MSC and press ENTER
  4. In Device Manager, click VIEW then SHOW HIDDEN DEVICES


  2. Right click on each greyed out NIC and select UNINSTALL


  1. Close all of the Windows (including your IP, Network and Sharing Center…)
  2. Now can assign the again the same fixed IP ADDRESS to the new Adapter that was added to you VM.


Windows Server 2016 – Altaro Backup Software

June 21, 2018

Just started using ALTARO Backup software.



This Free edition contains a full featured backup solution for 2 VM guests.

If you look at the high compression rate (63%) it was able to reduce the VM from 11GB to 3.5 GB Smile

Tip :

If you get these kind of warnings VM is NOT Application Consistent.


In the VSS settings you can DISABLE the VSS settings for a specific VM to solve the issue.


Highly recommended as a VM Backup Software for Hyper-V and VMWare …

Enjoy !