Oracle – Database connection for SharePoint and SSRS

September 5, 2013

This is a series of adventures to took me a week to go through and find all the pitfalls !

Background : SharePoint 2010 Farm running on a Front-end IIS and Back-end MS SQL / SSRS Windows 2008 server.

I had the idea of quickly connecting the SSRS reports using Report Builder 3.0 to an out of domain Oracle DB.

And once the report was done to publish is on SharePoint. Because I had the SSRS running in SharePoint Integrated Mode. 

Since SSRS can connect to MS SQL and Oracle data source, I thought it would be nice to install the Oracle client and settings as well.

This is where the adventure starts ! Smile

Ok. First create a Free registration account on the Oracle web site in order to download the Client libraries.


I had already setup the Oracle INSTANT Client on my Windows 7 x64 bit laptop. So I though this is a piece of cake to do the same on the hosted server. Which was out of my domain being admin ?

Next Question that came to me is should I download the x32 bit or the x64 bit or both ?

Followed by should I install it on the Front-end server or the Back-end server or both ?

Damn so many questions unanswered ?!! I looked all over the place on the internet to no reveal. Sad smile

So let’s do it the hard way then, using trail and error method.

These are the links to the posts on how to solve all issues I encoutered, installing Oracle ODBC connections for SharePoint and SSRS :

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