SharePoint – Computer HW & SW Inventory

May 14, 2013

For many years, up till now I was spoiled by an Exchange Forms solution build by … can’t remember who … to grab the Computer details over the network, and save this in Outlook / Exchange.


Now that Exchange forms are not available by default anymore in the newer releases. I had to switch over to SharePoint 2010.

So I converted this to a custom SharePoint List.

When opening you get a pop-up message if the IE settings are not set properly.


Once opened just press the Get Info button, when the PC / Server is online you see the button color appear green else it goes red.

You get all the needed info from the remote hosts.


I added some conditional formatting to highlight disk capacity thresholds in red.

Save it and then get the next one, no firewall issues.


Our data is saved in a hosted SharePoint in the cloud, so I can access all the information easily even on my mobile device.

So migrating my old school tool made my life quite easy !