Windows – WSUS Database CleanUp Tool

February 10, 2016

Sometimes the windows update DB can grow a lot !

In this case the SUSDB.mdf database is +8 GB ?


Solution :

Use this tool WSUS_Cleanup_CL.exe  to do the cleanup tasks

Example :



For more WSUS command options and download see here

See also here for more cleanup options

Widows – Storing Cached Credentials – Network Shares & Network locations

February 10, 2016

At some point I needed to give someone access to a share on a stand alone server in the network.


This can be done by just doing a basic mapping to that server share.

But the challenge was that the users needed to authenticate on that server.

And to avoid creating for each user an account on that server.


We decided to use 1 user and password that we wanted to keep a bit secret.

This did not do the trick in our case ?

NET USE \\server\sharemame /PERSISTENT:YES /USER domain\user password

Solution 1 :

Use the cmdkey.exe to get the user and credentials stored on the local PC.

cmdkey.exe /List will enum all stored credentials


To delete entries you can use :

cmdkey.exe /delete

To add new entries you can use :

Solution 2 :

Use the GUI to add / remove / change entries :

RunDll32.exe keymgr.dll,KRShowKeyMgr


It will op the this GUI window.

Once this is all set, log off and back on, make a mapping the the share to test if it all works fine.

No Login screen should appear as of now.

Hopefully this is helpful in some of your use cases Winking smile


QlikView – How to get MS Azure – Office365 BI Reports

February 3, 2016

QlikView Desktop is one of the leading BI In Memory Visualization Tools.

As I have shown in previous posts, this contains a VBScript host engine. And as well the Desktop Client is fully COM Compatible.

Giving these 2 nice bonus points for us scripters Smile

Let see how to use QlikView to provide BI Insights in your MS Azure and Office365 environment.

In the Office365 Admin portal, you can get nice statistics to analyze issues and performance if needed.


But QlikView can serve you better ! Because it is all centralized in your dashboard that is fully customizable Winking smile


Since it is all in memory, it is lightning fast to do your analysis. If you schedule the QVW you have it all ready each morning.

I built this proof of concept, and will be gradually ad more statistics.

See here for more info on Office365 Reporting web service

Happy Scripting !