Java – Blocked Untrusted Applications

June 27, 2014

Annoyances !

When I tried to access the web Interface of a Switch I got this message ?


Easy to fix if you look on the internet, but in practice it is a different story.

You have to make an Exception in the Java Control Panel –> Security

Go to the Windows Control Panel –> Java Control Panel to find what you need


But when you open it, there is no setting there to adjust the security settings ? Except Certificates.


But if you go look on Google it show you this interface ?


Maybe because of a Java version difference ? Yes and No.

An older version of Java that was installed is still there when you look at the Programs a Features. You can have multiple versions installed.


OK so where is then the new Control Panel ?

Just go to the Windows Search and type “JAVA”


And start it from there, add the Exception List


Run it again in your Browser.


and voila Smile Application runs fine again.



Windows – Reset password without a password Reset Disk

December 9, 2013

At some point in time, you need to access someone’s PC without knowing his or her password.

Maybe it was forgotten, maybe the person was dismissed, can be any reason.

Here is how to access to the machine without knowing the account or password.

Boot the PC with a Windows Recovery CD, or use an Umbuntu Live CD.


1. Next choose Command Prompt.

2. Rename the UTILMAN.EXE to UTILMAN1.EXE and copy the CMD.EXE to CMD_New.EXE and rename CMD_New.EXE to UTILMAN.EXE

3. Reboot the machine again. And click on the left lower Icon (Ease of Access).


4. The CMD will open now. Next run the CMD net user Administrator + NewPassword

4. Next reboot the machine and log in using the administrator account + new set password.