Windows Core IoT -Developing a Console App for running on a Raspberry PI3 – Without Visual Studio

December 31, 2016

I was wondering wondering If we could create an App for running on our Rasberry PI3, where Windows 10 Core IoT is installed.

As you might know regular EXE files don’t run on this windows version, because a RPI3 uses an ARM Architecture.

While a normal Windows is based on x86 or x64 Architecture.


Solution :

Some years back I created a wrapper for the DotNet Compiler and called it Visual Studio Light

I modified this version that was created in AU3 to compile for ARM architecture.

(Just added the PLATFORM Switch for ARM)


So next I compiled this simple Console Application :

class HelloCsharp
static void Main()
System.Console.WriteLine (“Hello World from C#. on ARM Architecture like Raspberry PI3 running Windows 10 Core IoT”);




There where some errors popping up, but they seem to be normal.

Because I compiled the exe on a x64 Machine, and the EXE was compiled for and ARM Archtecture.

So it started complaining about this, but don’t worry  Winking smile

Next I copied the EXE for ARM to my RPI3.


Logged into a PS session on the RPI3, and it ran without any problems Smile





Windows Core IoT – How to check the PowerShell Version and DotNet Version on

December 31, 2016

Just run this command and check your version.




As you can see that Windows 10 IoT core has PSEdition already installed.

Not sure yet if this is the same as DotNet Core ?


Best check for regular updates using the Web Interface.


Windows Core IoT – Accessing Raspberry PI3 – WMI Classes remotely using WBEM

December 30, 2016

Start using Powershell on Windows IoT on a Raspberry PI3

If you check all the available COM objects that are installed on the Windows 10 Core IoT, we see that WMI and WBEM is installed.

List all COM Objects like this.


This enables opportunities for Scripters to connect remote to access all available WMI classes Smile.

But unfortunately I always got an error message like this :

The RPC server is unavailable 0x800706BA

Solution :

First connect using WSMAN to connect to the RPI3 using PS

See my previous post Running Powershell Scripts on Windows 10 Core IoT installed on a Raspberry PI3



Once the Firewall is set correct, you have the way open to access the WMI classes remotely, without having to first access the local PI3 using WSMAN Winking smile

So let’s test it accessing the EventLogs on Windows IoT


Now that we have remote access we can use PS to list all EventLog Errors in a GRID to check what is going wrong.



All log files are located here :


You can also use other Scripting languages like VBScript

strComputer = “rpi3”
Set objSWbemLocator = CreateObject(“WbemScripting.SWbemLocator”)
Set objSWbemServices = objSWbemLocator.ConnectServer(strComputer, _
“Root\CIMv2”, _
“rpi3\administrator”, _

Set colItems = objSWbemServices.ExecQuery(“Select * from Win32_ComputerSystem”,,48)

For Each objItem in colItems
Wscript.Echo strComputer & ” responded.”
Wscript.Echo “Manufacturer: ” & objItem.Manufacturer
WScript.Echo “Model: ” & objItem.Model
Wscript.Echo “Status ” & objItem.Status
Wscript.Echo “SystemType: ” & objItem.SystemType


Or AU3 to remotely access the WMI Classes on the PI3 Smile



$StrCmp = "rpi3"
$StrUser = "rpi3\administrator"
$StrPswd = "P@ssW0rd"

$wbemFlagReturnImmediately = 0x10
$wbemFlagForwardOnly = 0x20

Local $oErrorHandler = ObjEvent("AutoIt.Error", "_ErrFunc")

$strComputer = "rpi3"
$objSWbemLocator = ObjCreate("WbemScripting.SWbemLocator")
$objSWbemServices = $objSWbemLocator.ConnectServer($StrCmp, "root\cimv2", $StrUser, $StrPswd)

$colItems = $objSWbemServices.ExecQuery("Select * from Win32_ComputerSystem", "WQL", $wbemFlagReturnImmediately + $wbemFlagForwardOnly)

For $objItem in $colItems
          ConsoleWrite($strComputer & " responded." & @CRLF)
          ConsoleWrite("Manufacturer: " & $objItem.Manufacturer & @CRLF)
          ConsoleWrite("Model: " & $objItem.Model & @CRLF)
          ConsoleWrite("Status " & $objItem.Status & @CRLF)
          ConsoleWrite("SystemType: " & $objItem.SystemType & @CRLF)

Func _ErrFunc($oError)
    ; Do anything here.
    ConsoleWrite(@ScriptName & " (" & $oError.scriptline & ") : ==> COM Error intercepted !" & @CRLF & _
            @TAB & "err.number is: " & @TAB & @TAB & "0x" & Hex($oError.number) & @CRLF & _
            @TAB & "err.windescription:" & @TAB & $oError.windescription & @CRLF & _
            @TAB & "err.description is: " & @TAB & $oError.description & @CRLF & _
            @TAB & "err.source is: " & @TAB & @TAB & $oError.source & @CRLF & _
            @TAB & "err.helpfile is: " & @TAB & $oError.helpfile & @CRLF & _
            @TAB & "err.helpcontext is: " & @TAB & $oError.helpcontext & @CRLF & _
            @TAB & "err.lastdllerror is: " & @TAB & $oError.lastdllerror & @CRLF & _
            @TAB & "err.scriptline is: " & @TAB & $oError.scriptline & @CRLF & _
            @TAB & "err.retcode is: " & @TAB & "0x" & Hex($oError.retcode) & @CRLF & @CRLF)
EndFunc   ;==>_ErrFunc

Build your first Console App for an ARM Architecture:

If you are interested in taking it a few steps further, you can here how to build a Console App EXE for IoT.

Happy Scripting !

Windows Core IoT – Running PowerShell scripts against a Raspberry PI3

December 29, 2016

Microsoft released a Windows 10 IoT Core version for Raspberry PI 2 & 3.

To install this it just go here select your hardware follow the steps, and  it will go as a piece of a PI  Winking smile



Windows IoT Web Interface

Once you have the Windows Core IoT running on your RPI you can access it over the web

IP address + Port 8080


Access using the Windows 10 Client App

Don’t forget to switch on the REMOTE SERVER switch first.


Powershell access to Windows IoT on as PI3

Next you can connect to it using Powershell

Run the PS IDE as administrator and run this command.


net start WinRM

Set-Item WSMan:\localhost\Client\TrustedHosts -Value rpi3

Enter-PSSession -ComputerName rpi3 -Credential administrator

Once logged in remotely using PS WSMAN connection, see the device name appearing.


You can check the PS Version : Check PS Version

Windows IoT Dashboard Application

You can also use the dashboard to launch a PS Session


File Sharing and internet connection Sharing

You can also connect to the file system using a regular Share access.



Starting the FTP server on IOT

Use PS and type start C:\Windows\System32\ftpd.exe

Connect using SSH Terminal

Example see here

Windows 10 IoT Core Command Line Utils

Many command line Utils are at your disposal :


You can run regular PS Commands against the RPI3 Smile


There is also a screen capturer to make print screens : Screencapture.exe






WMI using WMIC Util over WSMAN PS connection

wmic bios

wmic cpu get name

wmic cpu get maxclockspeed


Here you can see that the RPI3 runs on an ARM 7 processor at 1200 Mhz

WMI Access from a desktop host using WBEM

This opens a lot of possibilities for us scripters to create apps and retrieve system data and more …

Remote access to PI3 WMI on Windows IoT using WBEM : Example

MS Firewall Logging Setting

You can activate the Firewall logging which makes it easy for debugging.



AU3 Powershell Module on Raspberry PI3

First copy the libraries on the RPI3


Here you can see all the Cmdlet’s from the AU3 Powershell module



Not that you can do a lot with it, since all the underlying AU3 Dll’s have been compiled using an X86 architecture.

And they will not run on an ARM architecture unfortunately.

If you want to run PowerShell scripts ON a RPI3 and not against an RPI3 see here :

Happy Scripting …

Enjoy !