Windows API’s

This section is meant to give you an idea of which area’s AutoIT can and can’t handle, in your attempt to get started :

YES / NO indicates the strength of this Scripting Language. Moverover you can click the Example to see the ‘How To’ …

Windows Programming

 Section 1: Windows Basics

Section 2: Win32 API and UI Controls

Section 3: Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC)

Section 4: Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE), ActiveX and COM

  • Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) – YES
  • COM and ActiveXYES
  • COM Programming – YES
  • DCOM and COM+YES
  • Multi-language programming examples – N/A
  • OLE Programming – N/A

Section 5: Device Driver Programming

Section 6: Shell Programming

Source: Windows Programming

Here you can find a more exhaustive list of Windows API’s here :


In the meantime Windows evolved to the the .NET framework or a higher level scripting language like Powershell.

So most Developer don’t have a need to dive into the Windows API’s unless they really have to.

AutoIT could not access the .NET Classes directly, but I will show you how to bypass this later on … stay tuned 😦

AutoIT CAN NOW access .NET Classes, see here for more info  🙂



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