Windows API’s

In the meantime Windows evolved to the .NET framework or a higher level scripting language like Powershell.

So most Developer don’t have a need to dive into the Windows API’s unless they really have to.

AutoIT could not access the .NET Classes directly, but it CAN NOW access .NET Classes, see here for more info  🙂


This section below is meant to give you an idea of which area’s AutoIT can and can’t handle, in your attempt to get started :

YES / NO indicates the strength of this Scripting Language. Move-over you can click the Example to see the ‘How To’ …

Windows Programming

 Section 1: Windows Basics

Section 2: Win32 API and UI Controls

Section 3: Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC)

Section 4: Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE), ActiveX and COM

  • Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) – YES
  • COM and ActiveXYES
  • COM Programming – YES
  • DCOM and COM+YES
  • Multi-language programming examples – N/A
  • OLE Programming – N/A

Section 5: Device Driver Programming

Section 6: Shell Programming

Source: Windows Programming

Here you can find a more exhaustive list of Windows API’s here :

Knowing API’s is just not enough …

Programming Skills is not the same as Technical Skills

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