PowerShell – Monitor CPU Cores Temperatures

In order to Monitor the Temperature of your CPU Cores it is best to make use of OpenHardwareMonitorLib



You can download it here.


This nice application has a .Net Library that you can use to access the Hardware Sensors Data

It also exposes the values to WMI when the GUI is started, but that is not so convenient for monitoring



# Needs admin privileges and the .NET OpenHardwareMonitorLib.dll

#Requires -RunAsAdministrator


Add-Type -Path "C:\OpenHardwareMonitor\OpenHardwareMonitorLib.dll"

$Comp = New-Object -TypeName OpenHardwareMonitor.Hardware.Computer


$Comp.CPUEnabled = $true

$Comp.RAMEnabled = $true

$Comp.MainboardEnabled = $true

$Comp.FanControllerEnabled = $true

$Comp.GPUEnabled = $true

$Comp.HDDEnabled = $true

ForEach ($HW in $Comp.Hardware) {

    $hw.HardwareType.ToString() + ' - ' + $hw.name.ToString()

    If ( $hw.HardwareType -eq "CPU"){
        ForEach ($Sensor in $HW.Sensors) {

        If ($Sensor.SensorType -eq "Temperature"){
            $Sensor.Name + ' - Temp : ' + $Sensor.Value.ToString() + ' C - Min. : ' + $Sensor.Min.ToString() + ' C - Max : ' + $Sensor.Max.ToString() + ' C'
    # $hw.Sensors




If you add an Email Notifications when it reaches the MAX values, you have a nice Monitoring System Smile

Enjoy !

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