SharePoint – Start Workflow from a Dynamic Hyperlink in a list

December 19, 2013

Ever wanted to start a Workflow from a Hyperlink in a list, that is filled dynamically with the URL and the corresponding ID of the ITEM.

Ok let’s go

Op SharePoint Designer and go the list you want it to happen. Next open the VIEW where you want to add the Hyperlink Column.


Go to the Columns section and right click the first column, and select Insert to the Left.


Next make sure you have the SP Toolbox available if not; Go to Tasks Panes and Select Toolbox. And Drag & Drop a LinkButton in the new column.


The code will look as follows

<asp:LinkButton runat=”server” id=”LinkButton1{$ID}{generate-id()}”</asp:LinkButton>

Modify it to trigger the Workflow URL and parameter

Add the PostBackURL=” “ URL & Parameter


The Parameter is this case is = {$thisNode/@ID}

The result looks like this.


And works like this when clicking.



If you embed the List View in another Page using insert WebParts .You need to add the custom column again in that page !! It will not be automatically added if you did the change in the original View.