Programming skills are not the same as Technical skills ?

July 1, 2014

Being a Developer does not require that you have good Technical and Protocol skills alone these days.

First of all you need to master many Technologies, that are best fit to support the Business scenario’s and requirements.

Technologies in a Windows Environment are piling up each year.

You should know what is :
WPF Windows Presentation Foundation
MCF Windows Communication Foundation
WWF Windows Workflow Foundation
– WIF Windows Identity Framework
– WMF Windows Management Framework
WSE Web Service Enhancements
– WEF Windows Entity Framework

Depending if the requirement is a Client Side application or a Web Based Server Side Business Solution.
You would need to pick either one of them or even a mix of both.

You would at least need to learn what CLR (Common Runtime Language) is. And what is IL- CLR- CTS-CLS-and-GIT.

Or DLR is not the same as CLR

Maybe a bit too much all together for scripters. Confused smile

But let’s have a quick overview of which kind of Technologies we can pick from.

.NET (versions 1 to 4.x) versus Java(Script)

Application Architecture
Object Oriented Programming
Service Oriented programming

Web Oriented Architecture
XML                      – JSON
* XML/A                  – AJAX
* CAML                    – DOM
* XAML (mobile)
– CSS (3)               – SOAP
– HTML (5)             – REST
Java(Script)         – Web API / ASMX

Enterprise Data Architecture

Server Side Technology

Client Side Technology
Webmatrix / Razor
SQLite.Net / LDF databases

Programming Technology
.Net Framework
* Assemblies / Classes / Objects
* .Net Reflection (late binding)
* .Net Reflection.EMIT ?
* Model View Controller (MV)

– JavaScript Libraries

* SP.Core.js
* SP.js
* JQuery.js
* Node.js
* KnockOut.js
* Angular.js
* …

Most of these Technologies you can access using smart Scripting Techniques.

I am trying to give some examples on in this Blog whenever possible.

Bottom line is that in this ever changing IT world keeping up and learning new Technologies is a necessity.

For some amongst us this is fun for others this is a real challenge 🙂