MS SQL – Install only SSMS to do an Azure Backup

May 9, 2018

If you need to install only the SQL Management Studio these days, you will need to go to maximum SQL 2014 !

In the later versions this is not possible anymore to separately selecting the SSMS

Solution :

Download the version INCLUDING the ADVANCED TOOLS


Use this option


Choose only “Management Tools – Basic and Management Tools – Complete” as shown below:



And you are ready to rock and roll … Smile


Tip : When you need to do an SQL Azure Backup to an onside server YOU NEED SSMS a the tool to do so !



It will save your SQL Backup as *.bacpac file

See here for more info :

Export can also be triggered from Azure Portal and PowerShell scripts or using Command Line Tools :

Data-Tier Application Framework :

SqlPackage.exe is part of the SSDT :

More info :

Enjoy !