Outlook – How to create a lot’s of PST Archive sub folders

December 5, 2012

You might have users in the company that have a PST file that has hundreds of folders and subfolders in there.

So re-creating them manually is no option, for a CEO or any other manager !

The trick goes as follows.

Create a new PST using the Import – Export option


Select Export to a file –> Personal PST file


Select the Source PST that has all the folders and subfolders.


Check the “Include Subfoders” option and click Filter


In the filter box select the Date field “RECEIVED” and the condition option select “Tomorrow”. Don’t forget to click ADD to LIST.


Select the Destination PST file are a new on to be created.

This trick will export all mails received tomorrow which is none. And ‘voila’ all your subfolders will appear in the new PST.