Exchange – hMailserver as Mail Relay Server

August 18, 2014

Recently I had a need for a Mail Relay server to function as a mail forwarding server to our hosted mail infrastructure.

The reason was that one of our devices was able to send out mail notifications. But only on the local domain servers.

So the solution was to put a Mail Relay server in the middle.

hMailServer is a fantastic free solution that can be a full replacement of you MS Exchange if you want !

1. Download the application

Once the application is downloaded and installed you can start the configuration.

2. configuration

First add your mail domain to the server and the mail account to be used as sender.

The settings will appear in the General tab.


Next in the Delivery e-mail tab, fill in the SMTP Relayer IP address and Port.


3. Set some Advanced Settings

In here you can set for the hMailServer the upper and lower IP addresses that are allowed to be sending e-mails to.


Make sure in the Require SMTP authentication nothing is ticket of the sender does not need to authenticate.

4. Run Diagnostics

As a last step Test your configuration using the Diagnostics Utility.


If everything turns GREEN then you are done.

As you can see the application supports as well MS SQL as well as PostgreSQL and MySQL. The hMailServer installation includes a minimal, built-in database server called Microsoft SQL Server Compact as a database server !

If you don’t specify a database it will use the MS SQL Compact edition. See here for some Tools

hMailServer Bonus

hMailServer comes with a COM library that can be used for integration with other software. Using the COM library, it’s possible to write scripts and full applications that utilize the features in hMailServer.

so you send mails using a script or download incoming mail attachments to a folder, or check the subject of an incoming mail and act upon it, or …

Here is an AutoIT script hMailServer Example.Smile