Raspberry PI – Windows on Linux, how close can you get ?

As you may have noticed Linux is looking around the corner ! This is something you can’t ignore.

First of all Windows embrased Linux using the WSL :

See my previous posts…




Windows on Linux is a different story :

Anyhow linux is not yet comparable to Windows, but it will not take that long anymore …

Look at this desktop version of Linux called WindowsFx Desktop and Features Smile



Learning Linux the easy way :

So you better start learning some Linux stuff Winking smile

And there is no better / easier way as start with your Raspberry Pi running the Raspbian OS

Case Study :

Here I will show you how close you can get to get your Linux integrated in your Windows Environment Thumbs up

So that you don’t need to absorb the first shockwave to hard Smile

And use cross-platform development, using the .Net Core Framework to efficiently re-use your source code.

I added lot’s of tips and tricks to overcome some issues …

Hardware :

I have used a Raspberry PI 3B+ and all runs fine.

All of this will run, even better, as well on a RPI 4 of course…

For each of the chapters you can visit the separate blog posts.

Content :

1. How to Install Rasbian on RPI 3B+

First install Raspbian on your SD card, best use the RPI Imager

Or view this video : https://youtu.be/ntaXWS8Lk34

2. Install Log2RAM on RPI : see here

3. Config SWAP file on RPI : see here

4 .Boot from USB device : see here

5. Config SSH (Windows10) on RPI : see here

6. Install xRPD (Remote Desktop) on RPI : see here

7. Install SAMBA (File Sharing) on RPI : see here

8. Install Text Editor on RPI : see here

9. Config ALIASES (Windows Cmd) on RPI : see here

10. Install NGINX Webserver on RPI : see here

11.  Install MS Edge on RPI : see here

12. Run MS Visual Studio Code on RPI : see here

13. Install PowerShell Core on RPI : see here

14. Install .NET Core Framework on RPI : see here

15. Run .NET Core Console + SQLite App on RPI : see here

16. Run ASP.net Core Web + SQLite App on RPI : see here

17. Consume ASP.net Core Web Services from your RPI : see here

18. Consume Power BI Reports on RPI : see here

No Chromium support, but it runs anyhow ! Smile

19. Run .NET Core Winforms on RPI : see here

20. PowerShell Core Remoting to RPI : see here

21. Create a PowerShell Host App on RPI : see here

22. PowerShell Core access SQLite Database on RPI : see here

23. Create XLSX without Excel on RPI : see here

This is as far as I could go to integrate Linux on RPI into a Windows environment



How Cool is this Smile

If you have more Tips on on adding better Windows integration, let me know here !!

PS :

For those who do not have a Raspberry PI … no worries you can do all the Linux stuff in Windows using WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux – see links at the top of this post)

Enjoy !

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