PowerShell – Report Designer Assembly in a .NET GUI

If you need a Report Designer that has all basic functionality needed.

And can connect to multiple Data Sources…


Print Preview


And more …


This is the way to go.

Prerequisites :

Download the Assembly from here 

(if you don’t find it there you can email the developer and he will send it over)

Save the Assembly somewhere locally.


This script will trigger the GUI that give you full functionality in PowerShell in less then 10 lines of code !

This is because PS can access .NET Assemblies Smile


Add-Type -AssemblyName System.Windows.Forms
Add-Type -Path "C:\_\Apps\_PowerShell\_GUI Forms\.NET Report Builder\MySql.Data.dll"
Add-Type -Path "C:\_\Apps\_PowerShell\_GUI Forms\.NET Report Builder\ReportDesigner5.dll"

$rd = New-Object ReportDesigner5.Designer

#$rd.Dock = [System.Windows.Forms.DockStyle]::Fill


One TIP : Winking smile

– You also need to run it in PS x86 bit for the moment.

– You need to play around with the ZOOM scalar to get the report visible 

Alternatively you can as well download the EXE  here :

That has the same possibilities if you don’t want to use PS.


A new version was released on my request to add SQLite as a data source Smile



Keep in mind that you need to reference 2 additional Assemblies for this version :

1. QRCoder.dll version 1.3.5

2. SQLIte.dll version 1.0.109

Many thanks the to developer to create this nice Reporting tool and providing the Assembly !

Enjoy !

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