QlikView – How to Export the Full Data Model to Excel

Once you have a QlikView application built. Or someone else did it for you.

When you have a complex data model with a lot of related tables.


You would like to document it, and export all Tables / Fields + Data to Excel.

This is a script you will find on the QlikView help


Binary "c:\Application.qvw" ;

//Iterate through the loaded tables
For t = 0 to NoOfTables() - 1

//Iterate through the fields of table
 For f = 1 to NoOfFields(TableName($(t)))
   TableName($(t)) as Table,
   TableNumber(TableName($(t))) as TableNo,
   NoOfRows(TableName($(t))) as TableRows,
   FieldName($(f),TableName($(t))) as Field, 
   FieldNumber(FieldName($(f),TableName($(t))),TableName($(t))) as FieldNo
   Autogenerate 1;
   let vTable = TableName($(t)));
    Store $(vTable) into d:\Temp\$(vTable).csv](txt);
 Next f
Next t;

But the downside is that is will export ALL FIELDS and ALL DATA.

But some table will hold millions of records, so this is a bit over the top.



Solution :

Use this script to Export MAX X number of records

Binary "C:\Your Application.qvw" ;

// Export number of Rows
let vRows = 1000;

//Iterate through the fields of table
let vtables = NoOfTables();

for i=0 to $(vtables)-1

let vTable = TableName($(i));

// STORE $(vTable) into C:\Temp\Export\$(vTable).csv (txt,delimiter is '|');


LOAD *, RowNo()

RESIDENT $(vTable) where RowNo() < $(vRows) ;

	STORE ReducedTable into d:\Temp\Export\$(vTable).csv (txt,delimiter is '|');

DROP Table ReducedTable;

Sleep 500;


So you end up with the full data model tables and samples data in Excel


Enjoy !

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