Windows 10 – Quickly connect to a VPN

In Windows 10 it is a pain to quickly select a VPN connection. Especially when you have a long list of entries in there.

On top of the sort order does not always stay the same Sad smile

And most frustrating is, is that it is very slow…


Windows 7 and Up has a build in little tool called RASPHONE.exe

It is located in the System32 directory :


When you run it, it will quickly list all the entries to select from and connect to your relevant VPN server.


Once selected you can connect or change the properties …


All Windows VPN entries are automatically stored in your rasphone.pbk file located in the %Appdata\Microsoft\Network\Connections\Pbk folder

This little built in tool is lightning fast compared to the Windows 10 network settings…



1. Pin this Tool to your taskbar and you are ready to go ! Smile

2. Here is an other freeware tool that can help you automatically reconnect when the connection drops



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