Windows – How to delete Device Drivers

At some point I had big issues removing drivers from a Windows system.

After I removed the Watchguard MUVPN client software, I could not get Internet over LAN or WIFI.

You need to remove the NCP driver.

As you can see all the flagged drivers I needed to remove.


But after uninstalling they always came back automatically. Even if I did this in SAFE MODE … ?

Solution :

I used this PowerShell Script to find the incorrect drivers and remove them.

The cmdline utility used was PnPUtil.exe




$x = get-wmiobject Win32_PnpsignedDriver | where {$_.DeviceName -like "*Ncp*" -and $_.InfName -like "*oem*"}

foreach ($InfName in $x){

pnputil -f -d $InfName.InfName

write-host "Deleted - " $InfName.InfName " "$InfName.Friendlyname




If this does not work you can used the this alternative


Make sure you check the DELETE driver software for this device option.

Next do a SCAN Hardware changes and it will install again properly.

More information on how to remove drivers you can find here :


If this still doesn’t work use these steps :

Open the CMD with admin privileges

And run this command to list all Networks Components installed:

netcfg [-v] -s <a|n>
-s\tprovides the type of components to show
\ta == adapters, n == net components
netcfg -s n
shows all installed net components


netcfg -s n


You see that there is a Network Service Installed called *ncpfilt


To delete the Network Component use this command :

netcfg -v -u *ncpfilt


After this the network came online immediately … Smile

Enjoy !

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