Windows Server 2016 – Hyper-V installation Issues

After installing the Hyper-V feature on a Windows 2016 Server with 1 active NIC.

I got the problem that after the installation I had no network connection anymore …

When I installed it I had remote control over the server that was standing somewhere abroad.

So I lost all connectivity Sad smile


What went wrong and how to fix it !

When installing the Hyper-V Server Role and Feature, I selected the Network Adapter too.


This is where it went wrong… When the server restarted I did not have any network connectivity anymore.

So I had to call someone in locally to uninstall this Feature again, but again you will run into an issue… !


Ones installed one of the problems is that you can’t uninstall the Hyper-V feature anymore.

Using the Dashboard GUI anymore, it will be Grayed Out Sad smile


Therefor I started with first removing the Hyper-V Virtual Switch … But no success.

Solution Steps :

Step A :
Deleted Virtual Switch associated with Physical NIC



Step B :

You need to do this using PowerShell to run this command as Admin

Remove-WindowsFeature -Name Hyper-V

After removing the Feature I still did not have Internet Connectivity ?

Not on LAN and not on Internet ?

Step C :

After activating the second NIC, I gained back network connectivity … Smile

When comparing the 2 NICs setttings.

The one that did NOT connect had the Network Load Balancing (NBL) active.
This must have been activated when installing the Hyper-V feature ?


After deactivating the Network Load Balancing (NBL)

Everything ran again normal…


PS :

if all of this did not work, you can try to go this way.

Deleted the Physical Adapter from Device Management and then Scanned for Hardware changes.

Physical Adapter was found, and settings were back to their original state

Hyper-V on 1 NIC

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