Windows – Unlocking the Local Security Policy on a Computer

When a PC is part of a Domain, you can run into the problem that the settings are locked out.

Because of the Domain Sec. Policy is overruling the local Policy Sad smile

Solution :

Read here :

  1. Log onto the computer with an Administrator account.
  2. Start the Local Security Settings MMC (SECPOL.MSC)
  3. Export the current security settings to an INF file by right clicking the top node in the MMC and selecting Export from the context menu. (for Windows XP see additional information below) and name the file “current.inf” (name is not important)
  4. Open a blank MMC (Start > Run MMC)
  5. Add the Security Configuration and Analysis snap-in.         image
  6. Right-click the top node in Security Configuration and Analysis and select “New Database” and then save the database.
  7. image
  8. When prompted to import a security template use the one exported in step 3 above (current.inf)
  9. Now right click Security Configuration and Analysis and select “Analyze Computer Now”.
  10. Now browse to the setting you want to modify.  You will notice the database setting and computer settings are the same in all cases.  Double-click the setting and make changes.  Repeat for each setting you want to modify.
  11. When you are finished making changes, right-click top node and select “Configure Computer Now” and you changes will be applied.

Works like a charm Smile

Enjoy !

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