Windows – How to Debug NTFS Disk Corruption Event ID 55



Event ID 55 Analysis resulted in the following :

Hardware Diagnostics

No hardware issues reported ?



Running chkdsk did not report any errors ?


After analyzing the Eventlog I saw a pattern coming back.

The Event ID came back 3 times a day with approx. 8 hours in between :

5.45 AM /  13.45 PM  / 21.45 PM

This lead me to the fact that it had something to do with the VSS ?


Check for errors.


No Errors reported ?

So next I cleaned all the VSS copies and pushed the CREATE NOW button.


I saw again the NTFS events ID 55 ?

Next I checked the VSS Settings, to see the available capacity.



Check the available disk capacity and the size allocated for VSS.

=> C drive had 90 Gb available and the size allocated for VSS was 95 Gb ?

Once I changed the size below the available disk capacity and run the create Shadow Copy again.

No errors were reported in the event log

An Other issue can be that this related to a corrupt Shadow Copy

Use these steps to debug and fix

1. Open an elevated cmd prompt

2. Diskshadow> List Shadows All

3. Look out for the GUID of the shadow copy to be deleted  or if you are deleting all, just put “Delete Shadows ALL“.

Like this Delete shadows ID  {6c63605e-96aa-46ce-8d70-9f98b415208d}

4. Check again Diskshadow> List Shadows All

PS :

1. Using “Vssadmin delete shadows …” command does work for shadows or snapshots created by backup software.

These shadow copies may not show up or be visible using the GUI.

Check to ensure no backup is running (see this in the date stamp on the shadows)


An other option is just to run the chhkdsk /f command

2. Here is how to fix an Event 55 Error on \System Volume Information

Which fixed our issue …

Events appeared always at the same time every day …


after a CHECK disk event in verify mode (= Windows Backup)


Another fix that we had on a different server …

After a long struggle and debugging we found out that the error appeared always during a backup window.

So finally we found out that there was a conflict in the schedule that runs to create VSS snapshot, the same time the backup was running.


Once we rescheduled the VSS Snapshot on the C drive it error was gone Smile

On an other server we had disable the VSS on the C: drive completely to get rid of the error 55.

No use to have a VSS running on the C: drive anyhow ?

So it all depends on the situation and kind of backup software that is running on the machine.

More info here for potential reasons of Event ID 55

VSS driver Issue ?

Symantec Backup Exec Issue ?

Step by step guide to help ?

Bottom line is that 9 out of 10 these errors are related to Backup and VSS snapshots. And not that much to real disk errors Smile

Enjoy !

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