HP – How to Configure a Managed Switch

I recently bought an HP 2920 Managed Switch.

When reading the Quick Startup Guide to process should be simple to get you going ?

1. Connect the Serial to UTP connector to the switch and on the other end to the PC.

First challenge is to find a PC that still has a Serial connector (COM port) ? I found an old XP machine luckily Smile

2. Start up an Telnet session and connect

I used the PuTTY client to connect over the COM Port.


But no result ? Even after changing different settings, no response.



After looking around on the internet I found that the DHCP server on the Switch is set on by default Smile

Aha I plugged in the UTP cable in the Management port (9).


Make sure you don’t use the Console Port (6).

Start up the network scanner


And you will find it in a blink of an eye. Winking smile


From here you have full control over the configuration using the web interface.

Even the HP Manual does not mention this simple procedure anywhere ?

Next Confusing thing was, I finally assigned an fixed IP Address to the switch. But still could not reach it ? Sad smile


The reason is that if the network cable is in the Management Port it is picking up an IP address from the DHCP server in you network.

Even if you have assigned a fixed IP address ?

Solution is just to move the UTP cable out into the regular ports 1 to 48 (or 24 depending on the model you have)

Took me hours to find it.

Very Frustrating Devil

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