PowerShell – Monitor MS Azure Status

If you are using MS Azure or MS Office 365 you are depending on the uptime of all the MS Cloud services.

Well to monitor this there is the Azure Status site.


This site offers for each service a RSS subscription to monitor the status.

In this case there was an issue, so we can kick in Powershell to grab the RSS output.

Here we go



$hsg = Invoke-WebRequest  "http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/status/feed/"


[xml]$ret = $hsg.Content.TrimStart("")

#$ret.rss.channel.item | Select-Object *

write-host ""

if($ret.rss.channel.item.category -eq $null){

        write-host $ret.rss.channel.title " On : "  $ret.rss.channel.pubDate
        write-host "All services are working properly"
        write-host ""

    write-host $ret.rss.channel.title " On : "  $ret.rss.channel.pubDate
    Write-Host "Issue Category : " $ret.rss.channel.item.category
    write-host ""
    Write-Host "Details : " $ret.rss.channel.item.title

    write-host ""


rv hsg, ret

As you can see the raw XML data is prefixed (deliberately or not?) by a few strange characters which we have to eliminate before PowerShell can dig it.

So the final output is like this.


So you can create a job to have this run at a frequency to check for uptime issues.



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