PowerShell – Manage your Hyper-V virtual machines

If you are running a Windows Server 2008 you are missing this crucial PS tool to help you manage your Hyper-V machines.

It was not so easy to first find the proper Hyper-V PS Modules and secondly to get them installed.

1. Download the Hyper-V module

from Codeplex http://PShyperV.codeplex.com

It is a bit strange that MS does not distribute the Module officially. But it does the job well so go ahead.

2. Set-ExecutionPolicy to RemoteSigned

But make sure you open the PS command with elevated credentials !


3. Check the policy Get-ExecutionPolicy

Check that the Execution Policy was initialized correctly.

4. DO NOT RUN the install bat files !

Because this will install Powershell and some more features on your windows 2008r2 server.

Instead just use the module from where you extracted it

Import-Module “C:\Temp\HyperV\HyperV.psd1” or different directory where you placed the files from the zip.


5. Test it against your live Hyper-V environment.




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