SharePoint – How to list all Workflow Items that have not completed Succussfully

If have tons of Workflows running. But form time to time I have a number of WorkFlows running that did not complete successfully.

In order to investigate the which items it concerns I have this little PowerShell Script.

Once you know the Item ID you can go there and cancel the workflow process.


$web=get-spweb ""

$list = $web.Lists["YourListName"]

write-host "# Records : " $list.ItemCount

$i = 0

foreach($wf in $list.WorkflowAssociations)

   if($wf.Name -eq "YourListName")
       write-host $wf.Name " - " $wf.Id
       write-host ""

       foreach($listitem in $list.Items)

          foreach($Workflow in $listitem.Workflows)
            if($Workflow.InternalState -ne "Completed")
             # if($Workflow.AssociationId -eq $wf.ParentAssociationId) # change to if needed
             # {
                 write-host $i $Workflow.AssociationId " - " $Workflow.InternalState  " - "  $listitem.ID $listitem.Title $listitem.Title
             # }


Later on I hope to create a Cancel WF PowerShell script. Well here it is


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