Outlook – Migrating AutoComplete cache from Outlook 2010 to 2007

I seen many blog on the net about how to migrate the Email AutoComplete list for 2007 to 2010.

I will not repeat that here there’s already enough on the net to find for yourself.

But let’s presume the following. A PC crashes and you got a spare on around. But the user was using OL 2010 and now you handed over to him an OL 2007 ?

And he want to have all his email addresses migrated because does not want to type it all over. Sad smile

Solution :

In OL 2010 there is something that is called “Suggested Contacts”


Since the AutoComplete file format changed between the 2 Versions of OL. You just can’t backport it.

OL 2007 and before used a ProfileName.NK2 file


OL 2010 uses a Stream_Autocomplete_*.DAT file

But wait, we could pick up the “Suggested Contacts” and Export them to a PST file and then import them again in OL 2007 as contacts ?


Just go to OL 2010 File –> Options –> Advanced –> IMPORT (for Export)

Or go to File –> Open –> Import ( For Export )


Select Export to a File –> PST file –> Suggested Contacts


And so on, at the end you will have a PST file with all you Autocomplete E-mail Addresses in it as Contacts.

Now we can IMPORT it again in OL 2007. It’s not quite the same as autocomplete.

But the users can at least find back all his email addresses he did not have before.

1. Composing a new E-mail

2. types a part of the name, or email address

2. Next Press Ctrl + K and it will bring up the list of available email addresses.

You just made a user happy Smile


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