Reinstalling Windows 7 – SATA driver issues

I had to reinstall an HP Probook laptop on a brand new hard drive – but I could not get it to work ?

Whenever loading Windows 7 the disk would hang while installation.

After some re-trails I got windows installed but I got a Blue Screen BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO.

It seems that that standard Windows SATA drivers where not stable enough to load the full CD ? Even it the drives where properly listed it did not work. Sad smile

So I had to go back the look for the appropriate drivers on the net. And load them BEFORE Windows started.

Get the drivers from the HP site

Preparing the SATA Drivers

The problem these days is that most PC’s have USB 3.0 ports, which means you can’t copy the drivers to a USB drive, because windows does not recognize the USB 3.0 port Sad smile

So next step is to burn a CD or DVD. But when downloading the Drivers from the HP site. These are EXE files, so while in the middle of the installation process you can run the EXE file to install the drivers Sad smile

Solution :

Download the EXE files on your drive.


Use 7-Zip to extract the Drivers.



Save it and burn a DVD for later use.

Ones all is done you can insert the driver DVD before Windows starts loading.



What about if you PC does not have a DVD drive ? Well then hopefully you can copy the drivers on a Network Share and get you NIC driver to work to grab the drivers from there !!

How hard can it be ?

If you don’t find the drivers at the Hardware reseller site, you can get the AHCI drivers from the Intel Site


Or for AMD look here on the AMD Site


Other option (not tested) is to disable the AHCI in the BIOS. So it will use the IDE or ATA to access the drive.

Needless to tell that these drivers don’t apply for all situations, you need to apply the drivers in combination of your specific hardware.


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