SSRS – Debug Connection Problems

Sometimes you get an error like this.


For more information about this error navigate to the report server on the local server machine, or enable remote errors

So how to enable Remote Errors for SSRS

Go to Central Admin.

  1. In Site Actions click Site Settings for the site you want to modify.
  2. Click Reporting Services Site Settings in the Reporting Services group.
  3. Click Enable remote errors in local mode.



Bu keep in mind that SSRS will not pass most errors forward for the WFE to display. Sad smile

You can set the Option as well using SSMS

Connect to Reporting Services


Go to Server Properties –> Advanced –> Remote Errors



Since the BCS data resides in an external data source (like MS SQL database).

Just don’t make the round trip using the SharePoint External Content Types (BCS). Because it will overcomplicate things security wise. It’s more then a double hop to jump over.

Just use SSRS to go directly to the external data source. It will save you a trip and give you a better performanceSmile


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