SSRS – Get Extensive Web Analytics Reports from SharePoint

Well SharePoint offers OOB some basic Site Web Analytics reports.

If you go to the Site Settings ….



All of the data is stored in the WSS_Logging database.


When you run this Qry you get all information needed to build your own statistics reports.


[Sourcecode language=”SQL”]
SELECT RequestUsage.RowId ,RequestUsage.LogTime ,RequestUsage.UserLogin,
RequestUsage.CorrelationId ,RequestUsage.SiteId ,RequestUsage.SiteUrl,
RequestUsage.WebId ,RequestUsage.WebUrl ,RequestUsage.DocumentPath,
RequestUsage.ContentTypeId ,RequestUsage.QueryString,RequestUsage.BytesConsumed,
RequestUsage.HttpStatus ,RequestUsage.ReferrerUrl,
RequestUsage.ReferrerQueryString ,RequestUsage.Browser,
RequestUsage.UserAgent ,RequestUsage.UserAddress,
RequestUsage.RequestCount ,RequestUsage.QueryCount,
RequestUsage.QueryDurationSum ,RequestUsage.ServiceCallCount,
RequestUsage.ServiceCallDurationSum ,RequestUsage.OperationCount,
RequestUsage.Duration ,RequestUsage.RequestType ,RequestUsage.Title,

FROM RequestUsage

WHERE RequestUsage.SiteUrl NOT LIKE N”

AND RequestUsage.RequestType IN (N’GET’, N’POST’)
AND (RequestUsage.DocumentPath NOT LIKE N’%/_layout%’

OR RequestUsage.DocumentPath LIKE N’%/_layouts/upload%’
OR RequestUsage.DocumentPath LIKE N’%/_layouts/download%’)

AND RequestUsage.UserLogin NOT LIKE N’%spfarmacc’
AND RequestUsage.UserLogin NOT LIKE N’%syst%’
AND RequestUsage.UserLogin NOT LIKE N’%admin%’
AND RequestUsage.DocumentPath NOT LIKE N’%.asmx’
AND RequestUsage.DocumentPath NOT LIKE N’%.dll’
AND RequestUsage.DocumentPath NOT LIKE N’%_vti_%’
AND RequestUsage.DocumentPath NOT LIKE N’%siteassets%’
AND RequestUsage.DocumentPath NOT LIKE N’%default%’
AND RequestUsage.DocumentPath NOT LIKE N’%.axd’
AND RequestUsage.DocumentPath NOT LIKE N’%.js’

Order by documentpath






Enjoy !


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