Windows – Install TTF Barcode Fonts

I had to install some barcode fonts to be used in Word and Excel for Label printing.

After installing it will look like this.


Some of the fonts are free to download from then net, like (Barcode 39 TTF), others are not.

Installing is normally a piece of cake. Right click the font file and choose Install.


But in some PC’s the file association has changed because of other applications being installed.

So there is no Install Sad smile


To find the associated application on the machine, use assoc.exe


Indeed you see it here :



To find what was the original file association, have a look here.

You see it was associated with Windows Fonts Viewer.

Being here : C:\Windows\System32\Fontview.exe

Solution :

Let fix it using AutoIT


FileExtAssoc("ttf", "Fontview.exe")

func FileExtAssoc($sExt, $sApplication)
    RunWait(@COMSPEC & " /c ASSOC ." & $sExt & "=ExTest", "", @SW_HIDE)
    RunWait(@COMSPEC & " /c FTYPE ExTest=" & $sApplication , "", @SW_HIDE)
    MsgBox(0,"File Extension Application Association",'"' & $sExt & '"is now asscoiated with "' & $sApplication & '"',3)

Or using the GUI way like this.




Enjoy !


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