SharePoint – Web Services Data integration (SOAP)

In my previous post I explained you how to consume a Web Service using Autoit and Powershell.

Now we can see how to access the data in SharePoint.

First we need to connect to the Web Service Provider.

1. Open SP Designer and go to Data Sources. And add a new SOAP Service Connection.


Fill in the Web Service URL


2. Next create a new Web Part Page

First go to Site Pages and create a new page 


Let’t go for a Web Part Page


3. Open it to insert the new SOAP Connection.


Once the page is open.

4. Go the Insert menu and Data View option


And browse down to the new connection in this case USZip Web Service.


5. Insert the connection in the Web Part Zone


6. Save it and look at the result.


That’s it as simple as that Winking smile


No let’s see that we can filter it based on a Query String.

Open the Page you created again in FD, and create :


1. First create a Parameter first called “CITY”  and a Query String variable called “CITY”.


Default value is an option.

2. Next create a Filter.

Open the Data Source Again and remove the Default value “New York” again


Click on the FILTER menu item


it should look like this in the end.


Save the page and test it using the Query string Parameter “City”

/sites/sandbox/SitePages/Zip%20Soap%20Test.aspx?City=New York

Enjoy !

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