PowerShell – Module for AutoIT

In the last Beta releases AutoIT is shipped with a .NET Assembly as well as a Powershell Module

You can find it here :


First import the module and run this example.


# Import the module manfiest
Import-Module (${Env:ProgramFiles(x86)} + "\AutoIt3\Beta\AutoItX\AutoItX3.psd1")



Send-AU3Key("I'm in notepad");

$winHandle = Get-AU3WinHandle("Untitled");

Sleep -Seconds 2


# Get the list of AutoItX cmdlets
Get-Command *AU3*

# Get detailed help for a particular cmdlet
Get-Help Get-AU3WinHandle

Getting help on the cmdlets and commands using the Get-Command and Get-Help will list you all needed information to get started.



Even if the functionality is limited at the moment, it is a good sign AU3 is moving towards PS. Smile


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