PowerShell – Export HTML content to CSV or Excel

Let’s say you are interested in downloading some HTML content from a website based on some filters.

PowerShell it the tool to use. It just takes a few lines Smile

let’s take this blog as an example.

I would like to get hold of all Title Posts of the category ‘PowerShell’

The URL for this is this https://audministrator.wordpress.com/category/Sharepoint/

If you run it in a browser you get all the post content listed. But we need only the Title ?

Therefor we need to use the DOM (Document Object Model). In order to find what we need.

Here we go :

Open up the IE browser and press F12. This will open up the DOM explorer.

In the right corner fill in a search key word of a post Title


Next inspect the section needed.

Next we are going to need a DOM method to access the data, in this case.

getElementsByTagName = “h2”

Next I wanted to get the text of the Title.

So we can use the method


here is the coded plus some in between debugging information for you to get more information out of this example.


$URI ="https://audministrator.wordpress.com/category/powershell/"
$HTML= Invoke-WebRequest -uri $URI

# echo $HTML

# $HTML | Get-Member

# $HTML.ParsedHtml | Get-Member

Check out these Members


$Ret = $HTML.ParsedHtml.getElementsByTagName("h2" #| Where { $_.className  }
echo $Ret.innerText

$Ret = $HTML.ParsedHtml.getElementsByTagName("h2" | Where { [int]$_.className.trim.length -eq 0  } | % { ([String]$_.sourceindex + " " + $_.innerText) }
$Ret | Select-Object @{Name='Name';Expression={$_}} | Export-Csv ($Env:USERPROFILE+"\Desktop\Test.csv") -NoTypeInformation

Invoke-item ($Env:USERPROFILE+"\Desktop\Test.csv")

echo $Ret

Next I got a bit too much information. As you can see the last items are not post but are the headers of the right widgets.


So we have to filter them out. See code

className.trim.length -eq 0


Finally we got what we wanted. And we can now export it to a CSV file if we want.


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