PowerShell – getting Errors using AutoITx3.dll

Normally you can get all Methods and Properties of any registered COM object using the Get-member cmdlet.

But occasionally you get this error.


The reason is that you have registered the COM object only as x32 bit and not as x64 bit.

2 ways to solve this.

First register both x32 and x64 bit Dll’s.


After registering both versions this was the result.


New-Object -com AutoItX3.Control | Get-Member


Lucky for us that AutoIT ships 2 versions. But most of the DLL are either x32 or x64 bit ?

So you can get it running using the x32 bit if Powershell using the x32 bit of the COM Dll and the same for x64.

Or try a hack to register the x32 Bit like this :

The 32-bit one goes into C:\Windows\SysWOW64, and the 64-bit DLL goes into C:\Windows\System32.

And appropriate registry keys in the appropriate location



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