Getting Rid of Digital Waste

Ever wanted to save a few Giga Byte or Terra Byte ?

Well here are a few tips.

In PowerPoint with lot’s of pictures, use the Compress Option.


Don’t selected to apply to selected picture only. It will apply to all pictures in there.



Before the size was + 63 Mb


Afterwards it was + 7 Mb Smile


This option is also available in Word, Excel etc.

For Mails Attachments with Picture use a nice compression tool.


This will let you reduce the size in a one go while attaching to a mail.

Right click the picture to attach and select Send to –> Mail recipient


It will bring up a window that gives you the option to reduce to different sizes and next attach it to you mail.


For PDF compression there are a number of tools that can help.

But a good one is the online tools like this one :

Handy !

And of course there are still the old school Zippers around.


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