Windows Server 2008r2 – Backup notifications

Getting Windows Backup to run is the easy part. but getting you to notify you in case of a success of failure is a different story.

To start the backup

Go to the Windows Server Backup Console and create a new schedule.


But as you can see there is no way to set any notifications Sad smile

This will help you out.

Create a log file

REM wbadmin Get Items -version:05/30/2014-19:00

wbadmin get versions -backupTarget:\\server\backup$ > Backup.log

Schedule this command in a BackupLog.bat file

Create a Job to send a mail on Event ID 4 and 5


Add an action to send a mail and attachment in case of success.


For the Failures you need to create a new Tasks.

Don’t forget to activate the the Job History –> Actions menu on the right.


Now you will get daily e-mail notifications, as with any other commercial backup solution.

Other workarounds are welcome.

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