Windows – IE Browser History Recovery


Windows Vista and Windows 7 in Normal Privilege Mode look here :

%LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Recovery\Last Active

Windows Vista and Windows 7 in Elevated Administrator Privilege Mode look here :

%LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Recovery\High\Last Active

The main .dat file name look like the following:


Where GUID is Globally Unique Identifier which is different for each user and computer.

For each tabs and windows of IE opened, IE will create as many different .data files for each of them in the following name format to store the details and data of the web pages:


Where GUID is Globally Unique Identifier which is vary for each browsing session.

Tip: The “Active” folder, the sister folder of “Last Active”, is used to frequently store current state of IE for automatic crash recovery.

Easy recovery can be done using Previous Versions at any time, for OLDER versions of your IE tabs.


For more recent restores of your IE TABS just go the to

%LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Recovery\Active

And find the recover .dat you need based on the last crash date, there will be many in there.


Well is restoring a previous version not enough to complete the exercise.

Simply copying these files and starting IE doesn’t do a crash recovery.

You need to find the flag, it sets so IE knows its previously crashed.

Inside it’s various {GUID}.dat files which are in binary format. So that will be hard to read.

Solution :

IE prepends its recovery files with ‘RecoveryStore.’

And each session file is named like this ‘{1A332508-877F-11E4-9521-002713BCD33C}.dat’

So a recovery file is like this ‘RecoveryStore.{1A332508-877F-11E4-9521-002713BCD33C}.dat’


When IE is running it has a registry key matching the name here :

‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Recovery\Active’

The key is without the Prepend and file extension so such as ‘{1A332508-877F-11E4-9521-002713BCD33C}’

If IE closes down successful the key is deleted from the registry. Sad smile


So after re-entering the ‘RecoveryStore’ {GUID} ID  in the registry it restored what I lost  Smile


Enjoy !

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  1. C.L. says:

    Thank you very very much!

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