SharePoint – Filter a List, using an Input Box

Sometimes you need to filter a SharePoint List for some condensed view of the data.

There are multiple ways of doing this server side or client side.

The easiest way is to use a Jscript and a CEWP.

For testing proposes you can create a new Web Part Page.


First add a CEWP and next the List which you want to filter.


In the CEWP you add this Jscript. plus the input box and the button :

<p>Search on Name: <input id="textboxFilter" size="30">
<input onclick="FilterList();" value="Search" type="button"></p>
<p><em>Use <span class="ms-rteForeColor-2">*</span>
as wildcard</em></p>

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
function FilterList(){
var url=$(location).attr('href').split("?")[0] + "?";

    var sQuery=$("#textboxFilter").val();
       url=url + "FilterName=Title&amp;FilterMultiValue=" + sQuery
    else {

This will use the value of the input box and construct a QueryString that will filter the List.


The result will look like this.


When you save the page you can run some tests.


If it works fine you can just add a CEWP to the original List.aspx and add your code there to benefit from all the list features, like workflows and custom menu buttons etc.



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