SharePoint – Computer HW & SW Inventory

For many years, up till now I was spoiled by an Exchange Forms solution build by … can’t remember who … to grab the Computer details over the network, and save this in Outlook / Exchange.


Now that Exchange forms are not available by default anymore in the newer releases. I had to switch over to SharePoint 2010.

So I converted this to a custom SharePoint List.

When opening you get a pop-up message if the IE settings are not set properly.


Once opened just press the Get Info button, when the PC / Server is online you see the button color appear green else it goes red.

You get all the needed info from the remote hosts.


I added some conditional formatting to highlight disk capacity thresholds in red.

Save it and then get the next one, no firewall issues.


Our data is saved in a hosted SharePoint in the cloud, so I can access all the information easily even on my mobile device.

So migrating my old school tool made my life quite easy !

All is working using JavaScript to load all the Hard and Software information online and remote if needed.

Recently I migrated to SharePoint Online click here

3 Responses to SharePoint – Computer HW & SW Inventory

  1. fabio says:

    please, can you explain how you do this in sharepoint? I mean how does all the service work?


    • Hi fabio,

      The way it’s done is by using JavaScript – Jquery as client scripting model, combined with WMI to get access to Computer HW & SW details.

      First you create a custom list with all the fields that needs to be populated. Next you get the detailed information and populated the fields using the Jquery object model.
      The scripts are loaded in the client side using the content editor webpart.

      I hope this gives you an idea how to get strated. If you need more info on this let me know.

      Thanks for the interest in this subject.

      • fabio says:

        thx, you couldn’t explain it better! I was fear about activex in the screenshot, but you are talking about Jquery. So I really appreciate it. Great job Patrick!
        I’m new in Sharepoint and web programming too. But I can try to do something similar.

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