PowerShell – Using AutoIT COM object


This example shows how to run the AU3 Com object in Powershell.

# AutoIT declare object in PS
$oAutoIt = New-Object -comobject AutoItX3.Control

# This will List all the methods and properties of the COM object
$oAutoIt | get-member

# This will create a tooltip in the upper left of the screen
$oAutoIt.ToolTip("This is an AU3 tooltip Example" , 300, 430) 

# Important don't leave a spaces after the properties like this
# is wrong $oAutoIt.Sleep (2000) but like this => $oAutoIt.Sleep(2000)


You can use any COM object in Powershell as you can see.

For a .Net assambly or Powershell integration look here

Enjoy !


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